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Academia Sighisoara 2015!,Aug 1, 2015

The 22nd edition of Academia Sighisoara had an extraordinary debut on the 1st of August! Over 40 professors and artists and 60 students from nine different countries are participating in the two-weeks summer academy and festival.The Opening Gala Concert, which also celebrates the National Day of Switzerland was held at the Baroque Room of the Sighisoara City Hall, and was dedicated to Russian composer Alexander Scriabin, and his later works. Pianist Anton Kernjak (Basel) performed the Sonata No. 4 in F# major, Op. 30 and Poeme languide, Op. 52, no. 3, both by Alexander Scriabin, and Hommage a Henri Pousseur (apres la dictee) by Swiss composer Roland Moser (Basel). Aurelian Băcan (Cluj) performed Three Pieces for Clarinet solo by Igor Stravinsky, while duo Katharina Gohl Moser (Basel) and Anton Kernjak performed Meditation sur deux themes de la journee de l'existence, Op. 7 for cello and piano by Ivan Wyshnegradsky. Abärda (im Aberden) trio for violin, cello and piano based on texts by Adolf Wolfli composed by Roland Moser was performed by The Director of the Festival and violinist Alexandru Gavrilovici together with Katharina Gohl Moser and Anton Kernjak. The program ended with Trio No. 3 by Nikolai Roslavets. His Excellency the Ambasador of Switzerland Jean-Hubert Lebet together with the representants of the Sighisoara City Hall honorred the opening concert. 

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Photo © Gábor Loránd and Ioan Gavrilovici