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Duca Andrea

Andrea Beatrice Duca began playing violin at the age of 4 with her father, Nicolae Duca. She continued her violin studies and chamber music studies at the “Juan Crisostomo Arriaga” Conservatory of Music in Bilbao. Later she continued her studies in Leipzig, Germany where she finished her degree in violin and orchestra with teachers Mariana Sîrbu and Heindrick Hochschield, and in San Sebastian where she worked with Professor Keiko Wataya. In Leipzig she continued her Masters in violin with Mariana Sîrbu. Andrea gained much experience in orchestral playing, for example in the Spanish Radio and Television Orchestra in Madrid and furthermore was principal assistant for one year at the Anhaltisches Orchestra in Dessau. Since 2014 she has collaborated with the Spanish National Orchestra and the Oviedo Opera House. She has participated in several master classes where she has worked with Alexandru Gavrilovici, Mariana Todorova, Helfried Fister and Mariana Sirbu. She has won many competitions and scholarships as a soloist with famous orchestras in Spain and France, most notably first prize at Jeunesses Musicales in Protugal.