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AdHOC Ensemble

On the occasion of the presentation in Cluj of the world première of György Kurtág’s  Colinda-Baladă op. 42 (in March 2009, during the 8th edition of the Cluj Modern Festival), the instrumental ensemble required by the score gathered ad hoc. The rehearsals, led by the young conductor and composer Matei Pop, took place under the direct guidance of maestro Kurtág himself. The musical momentum of this collaboration was so vivid that it sparked the spontaneous idea of undertaking a long-term foray into the masterpieces of the contemporary repertoire. Thus took shape the AdHOC project, an ensemble that brings together, in a variable geometry, many valuable young musicians trained at the Cluj school of music performance. Composer Adrian Pop assumed the role of mentor and artistic director of the ensemble, while the young conductor Matei Pop took on the musical direction. The musical activities of the ensemble are patronized by the prestigious „Gheorghe Dima” Music Academy of Cluj. From its very first appearances, the AdHOC ensemble gained the appreciation of the public and professionals alike, for the precision and expressivness of its performances, as well as for the interesting selection of its repertoire. The ensemble has become a very active presence in the Romanian contemporary music scene and has been invited by the most important festivals such as Cluj Modern (2011, 2013, 2015), Romanian Music Festival in Iaşi (2011, 2013, 2014), The Cluj Musical Autumn International Festival (2013, 2014, 2015), The International New Music Week in Bucharest, the most important contemporary music event in Romania (2014) and The Meridian Festival Bucharest of The National Section of the ISCM (2014, 2015).