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Fundraising concert in aid of the baroque organ in Cluj,Jul 29, 2014

The summer concert series in the Two-Towered Reformed Church of Cluj was inspired by violinist, director and founder of the  Sighişoara Academy; Alexandru Gavrilovici, who has supported the event by actively assisting the chamber music season since its inception in March 2010. The initial purpose of the fundraising concerts, besides offering a high quality classical music experience, has always been to raise enough money to start and to carry through the restoration of the church’s baroque organ, built in 1775 by Michael Kestner.

The artists and teachers (with their guests) of Academia Sighişoara have performed each year in support of the restoration of the organ since the first concert. In June 2011 Alexandru Gavrilovici (violin, Switzerland), Melinda Béres (violin, Romania) and Cipriana Gavrișiu (piano, Romania) performed at the opening event and Exhibition - highlighting the work of the18th century organ builder Michael Kestner. In July of the following year, the soloist of the Bern Symphony Orchestra, and also teachers of Academia Sighişoara 2012 (Doris Mende, oboe; Catherine Kämper, English horn; Helena Wikelman, violin; Fiona Kraege, violin and Alexandru Gavrilovici, violin) played in the Two Towered Church. In 2013 two concerts were dedicated to the organ on behalf of Academia Sighişoara: In July of that year Marie Trottmann (harp, Switzerland), Alexandru Gavrilovici (violin, Switzerland) and Réka Adorjáni (cello, Romania) performed and in August the Leonor quartet from Madrid, Spain (Delphine Caserta, violin; Bruno Vidal, violin; Jaime Huertas, viola; Álvaro Huertas, cello) played to support the restoration.

The summer concert series in aid of the baroque organ continues with yet another performance by the artists of Academia Sighişoara 2014, on the 30th of July at 6 pm in the Two Towered Reformed Church. The Arcadia Quartet (Anna Török, violin; Rasvan Dumitru, violin; Traian Boala, viola; Zsolt Török, cello) and the Archita Ensemble (Alexandru Gavrilovici, violin; Mioara Moroianu, violin; Vladimir Lakatos, viola; Stéphane Giampellegrini, cello) will perform George Enescu’s String Octet Op.7. 

For more information about the baroque organ, donation and pipe "adoption" please acces one of the following links: (in Romanian), (in Hungarian).