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Carte blanche Xavier Dayer and baroque spectacle,Aug 8, 2014

Ana Chifu (flute), Aurelian Băcan (clarinet), Costin Soare (guitar), Andrea Duca (violin), Alexandru Gavrilovici (violin), Lilla Fodor (viola), Stéphane Giampellegrini (cello), 

Anamaria Stamp (piano) and Vladimir Lakatos (conducting) performed Xavier Dayer's works on August 8, 2014. The Swiss composer, first time in Romania, also gave the audience a sneak peek into his brilliant mind by speaking about his creations. 

Xavier Dayer was born 1972 in Geneva (Switzerland). He studied composition in his hometown with Eric Gaudibert and later with Tristan Murail and Brian Ferneyhough in Paris (IRCAM).
Winner of several prizes for composition, (including the Bürgi-Willert Foundation, awarded by Heinz Holliger, and the FEMS Prize of the Sandoz Foundation, awarded by Henri Dutilleux), he has composed for the Grand Théâtre de Genève, l’Atelier lyrique de l’Opéra de Paris, le Festival d’Automne de Paris, IRCAM, the Swiss Chamber Soloists, Contrechamps and many other musicians.

Xavier Dayer teaches composition and music theory in Bern (HKB). Since 2009 he has been head of department of the Master of Arts in Composition and Theory. He was a scholarship student at the Villa Medici in Rome (2008-2009).

Later that night we had the opportunity to attend an open air baroque spectacle in the yard of the City Hall, the Ensemble Musica Poetica (Sabine Kaipainen, mezzosoprano and Tuomas Kaipainen, baroque oboe, recorder with student performers Andrea Duca, Christine Verdon, baroque violin, Réka Adorjáni, baroque cello, Johanna Lieberich, harpsichord) and Contretemps London (Barbara Segal, baroque dance and William Tuck, commedia dell’arte) performed "Mi palpita il cor " (My heart trembles), a baroque spectacle of music, singing, harlequinade, dance and more.


Friday, August 8, 8 pm, City Hall

Carte Blanche Xavier Dayer (1972)

Ana Chifu, Flute
Alexandru Gavrilovici, Violin
Andrea Duca, Violin
Lilla Fodor, Viola
Stéphane Giampellegrini, Cello
Costin Soare, Guitar
Aurelian Băcan, Clarinet
Anamaria Stamp, Piano
Vladimir Lakatos, Conducting

Workshop concert - Program:

De Umbris (2010) for flute and string quartet

De le ceneri (2008) for guitar

Solus cum Solo (2009) for cello        

14 inscriptions (2009) for flute (picc. and alto), clarinet (bass clarinet), piano, violin, cello

Friday, August 8, 10 pm, open air baroque spectacle 

Ensemble Musica Poetica with Contretemps London
Sabine Kaipainen, Mezzosoprano
Tuomas Kaipainen, Baroque oboe, Recorder
Andrea Duca, Baroque Violin
Christine Verdon, Baroque Violin
Réka Adorjáni, Baroque Cello
Johanna Lieberich, Harpsichord
Contretemps London: 
Barbara Segal, Baroque Dance, Choreography
William Tuck, Commedia dell’arte

Mi palpita il cor (My heart trembles)
A baroque spectacle with fireworks of music, singing, harlequinades, dance and more...


Antonio Lotti (1667-1740) - Ti sento o Dio bendato (I feel you o God with the eyes covered) - cantata for soprano, oboe and Basso continuo

Music by Lully and Purcell - Courtly Dance Meets Country Capers, including original choreography by L’Abbée 1725  

Alessandro Scarlatti (1660 – 1725) - Ardo è ver per te d’amore (I burn for you from love) - cantata for soprano, recorder and Basso continuo

Georg Friedrich Händel (1685 – 1759) - Mi palpita il cor (My heart trembles) - cantata for soprano, oboe and Basso continuo

Music by Barsanti, Campra, Rameau, Marais - Pantalone and Columbine, including original choreography by Pécour 1712 & L’Abbée 1725  

Georg Friedrich Händel (1685 – 1759) - Two arias from „Echeggiate, festeggiate“ HWV 119 for soprano, oboe, violin and basso continuo

Photo © Gábor Loránd
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