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22 years of music in the citadel – Join the Sighisoara Academy 2015!,Apr 25, 2015

Registration is now open for the 22nd Sighisoara Summer Academy and Festival!

Ten different master classes are offered this year for young musicians attending the Sighisoara Academy 2015. 19 well known musicians and established teachers from Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Austria and Romania will lead the composition, piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass, harp, singing, chamber music and Alexander Technique classes and workshops during 1-14 August. Academy and festival events will take place in the heart of the medieval town of Sighisoara, under the patronage of the City Hall.

Swiss composer, Roland Moser will be the resident composer for the third time this year at the summer academy, working with the students during the first week. He will be followed by Romanian composer Adrian Pop during the second week, who will guide a handful of young students through finalising their works. These works will be presented at the final students’ concert.

The piano class (12 participants) will be led by two Basel based artists during the first week. Anton Kernjak will join Benjamin Engeli this time, both pianists will also teach chamber music. During the second week Viniciu Moroianu, Romanian pianist and teacher, will work with the students.

The violinist participants will have the opportunity to work with four great artists: Adelina Oprean (Basel), Ana Török (Arcadia Quartet, Cluj), Melinda Béres (Cluj) and Alexandru Gavrilovici (Bern). The viola master classes will be held by Traian Boală, member of the famous Arcadia String Quartet (Cluj). Swiss cellist Katharina Gohl Moser will return for the third time as guest professor of the cello class, followed by Basel-based Spanish performer Guillermo Pastrana for the second week. Double bass courses are scheduled for the second half of the summer academy under the guidance of resident teacher Botond Kostyák (Vienna).  

We are continuing the harp master classes this year, which will be led by our very own Marie Trottmann (Neuchatel). Singing classes will be available for registered participants, Irina Gavrilovici (Vienna) will return to the Sighisoara Academy to work with the young singers.

There will be a greater emphasis on chamber music this year, aimed at including all students in the wonders of ensemble performance. The chamber music department is coordinated and led by Vladimir Lakatos (Munich). The workshops are for currently active ensembles as well as newly formed ones with the students of Sighisoara Academy 2015. Besides Vladimir Lakatos Răsvan Dumitru and Zsolt Török, members of Arcadia Quartet (Cluj) will work with the students. Erich Türk will teach baroque chamber music and Anton Kernjak will work with piano ensembles. A selected group of talented students, former students and artists of the academy will work on a Chamber Music Project led by pianist Benjamin Engeli during the first week of the event, and culminating in a concert on the 6th of August.

Alexander Technique group and private sessions will be offered to registered students of Academia Sighisoara 2015. After three workshops held in Romania (two in Cluj and one in Sighisoara), Angela Schwartz (Basel) will introduce the technique to newcomers and will continue to work with those students who have attended previous meetings.

Representing the visual arts department, a small creative team will join the musician students this year. A selected group of international photgraphers will work on different themes, projects and on documenting the 22nd Sighisoara Academy.

Registration opens on the 25th of April, and applications should be submitted before the 15th of July 2015.

For further information about the master classes, schedule, registration and fees, please visit the Application/Info page and the Application/Register page!