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Academia Sighișoara 2017 – Masterclasses and workshops 1-14 August 2017

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Academia Sighișoara August 1-14, 2017                  



Individual and chamber music masterclasses, composition workshop, Alexander-technique course, photography workshops, student and chamber music concerts, exhibition - summer academy for young musicians (between 14 and 35 years).

Students will benefit of individual classes with all of their instrument teachers, chamber music classes, Alexander-technique open classes (and individual courses if signed up when applying), daily concerts, excursion, opportunity to perform at the student’s concerts (solo or chamber performance), diploma of participation.


Maximum number of applicants: 42

Classes with limited numbers of participants: piano (10), canto (10), composition (5).    
The places are filled in order of registration. There will be a selection process for the piano and canto classes.

Full attendance is required at all these classes (from the 1st to the 14th August).                       
To apply and for information about fees and payment procedures please check the Register page!
Students should send their repertoire for the summer academy when registering.

Registration will be open between April 3, 2017 - May 31, 2017. 
We reserve the right to close the registration earlier, if the places are filled before the closing date.




Arrival / check-in: August 1 (until 3 pm), Haltrich boarding school (Turnului no. 1B) by the Clock Tower. First meal provided starting from dinner, August 1.
Official opening for students: August 1, 5 pm, City Hall (Museum Square no. 7). Student orientation: introduction of the teachers, presentation of the event, useful information, scheduling. It is important for all students to attend this event.
Festival-opening concert: August 1, 8 pm, City Hall
Chamber music meeting: August 2, 9 am, chamber music room with Vladimir Lakatos (ensembles will be formed, classes will be scheduled)
Classes / workshops: August 2-13
Student concerts, lunch concerts, class recitals, chamber music concerts: August 10-13
Check-out: August 14 (by 10 am)

For location addresses and useful information please check the Map page!



Roland Moser, Basel                          first week (2-9.8)

Courses and workshops: August 2-9
Workshop and rehearsal period: between August 9-13 with the pianists and strings allowing the composition students to rehearse their piece written for the summer academy, and to present it in concert on August 13.
Composition students must prepare a piece that they will work on during the masterclasses, written for instruments that are present at Academia Sighișoara 2017.
Please send the piece no later than July 1, 2017 to info@academia-sighisoara.com.


Piano and fortepiano (max number of applicants: 10)
Anton Kernjak, Basel                         first week (2-9.8)
Benjamin Engeli, Basel                      mid period (5-9.8)
Tobias Schabenberger, Basel            second week – piano and fortepiano (6-13.8)                       

Places are limited, there is a selection process. Please send in a short biography and a recommendation letter when applying to info@academia-sighisoara.com. Students will be notified via e-mail. Please proceed with the participation fee payment after this.
Students should send their repertoire for the summer academy when applying. It is recommended to perform at least two pieces from different musical periods.

Interpretation on Fortepiano

Solo repertoire: free choice of the participants with works by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven or Schubert.
Pianists of our time are used to think about Performance-Practice of classical Music in relation with the instruments of the classical period.
Under the guidance of Prof. Tobias Schabenberger pianists can discover the richness and beauty of playing on a historic fortepiano. The knowledge of the instrument leads the students to a better and deeper understanding of works of the “Vienna Classic” period (Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert...). During the class questions about interpretation, notation and different sources are treated.

A prior knowledge of fortepiano playing is not obliged for the class. It is possible to gather first experiences with fortepiano at the class at Academia Sighișoara.


Adelina Oprean, Basel                        first week (2-7.8)
Ana Török, Cluj                                   second week (6-12.8)
Răsvan Dumitru, Cluj                          second week (6-12.8)
Alexandru Gavrilovici, Bern                 both weeks (2-13.8)


Traian Boală, Cluj                               second week (6-12.8)


Alexandre Foster, Bern/Stuttgart      both week (2-13.8)
Katharina Gohl Moser, Basel             first weeks (2-7.8)


Double bass
Botond Kostyák, Vienna                      first week (1-11.8)

Double bass courses between 1-11 August, students are advised to participate in the chamber music classes too.


Aurelian Băcan, Cluj                           both weeks (1-13.8)


Marie Trottmann, Basel                     second week (6-13.8)

Harp courses between 6-13 August, students are advised to participate in the chamber music classes too.


Canto (max number of applicants: 10)
Irina Gavrilovici, Vienna                     both weeks (2-13.8)

Places are limited, there is a selection process. Please send in your short bio and a recording to info@academia.sighisoara when applying.
Students should send their repertoire for the summer academy when applying.


Chamber music
Vladimir Lakatos, Munich                   both weeks (2-13.8)
Arcadia Quartet, Cluj                          second week (6-12.8)

Chamber music courses for currently active / newly formed ensembles with the students from Academia Sighișoara 2017. The ensembles will be formed on August 2, between 9:00-11:00 at the chamber music room (Vladimir Lakatos).


Alexander-technique with Angela Schwartz (max number of applicants: 15)
Angela Schwartz, Basel 2-7 August

- 3 individual lessons of 30 minutes / registered participant (15 places)
- 3 group sessions daily (strings/pianist/singers) of 45 minutes for all participants

Introduction, group and individual courses for the registered participants between 2 and 7 August. This course is intended as an intensive introduction for newcomers to the Alexander Technique or as a continuation for students who have already attended a course.
Participants who register for the course will receive a sequence of three individual lessons of thirty minutes. This part of the course is limited to 15 participants.
There will also be three group sessions of 45 minutes daily for string players, pianists and singers. These are open to all who are interested.
Students who would like to actively participate should mention it in the Comment box when registering. Students who haven’t experienced the Technique have priority in registering for individual lessons.

More about the Alexander Technique:

The Alexander Technique is a pedagogical method which increases our self-awareness, our sense of ease, and our general well-being. Rather than treating symptoms such as tension, discomfort, or actual pain directly, it prevents their causes and enables us to better develop our potential, both in work and in our private lives.
Musicians and other performers have derived particular benefit from the Alexander Technique, which is taught both verbally and using touch to guide the pupil to new perceptions of habitual movements. Thus unsatisfactory habits are discarded to facilitate new ways of moving which are more efficient and smoothly coordinated.



We reserve the right to change the listed course dates in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

For further information please contact us at info@academia-sighisoara.com.